Los más pequeños también quieren volver.
Ellos lo están deseando tanto como nosotros y quieren disfrutar como papá y mamá. Ellos son el futuro.
Fecha: 23 Enero 2021.

Hora de Salida: 17:00 h.
Lugar: Zona Salida (Avd. Pérez Ojeda)


– Para correr la Mini Marató de Santa Pola hay que estar inscrito y tener dorsal.
– Es imprescindible rellenar, firmar y entregar el documento de consentimiento paterno. Si este consentimiento no se entregará el dorsal.


Cómo registrarse

Si tus peques ya han pedido que quieren correr la Mini Marató de Santa Pola, solo que queda que inscribirlos. Te lo ponemos muy fácil.

Puedes hacerlo ONLINE en el enlace de abajo hasta el jueves 21 o en la Feria del Corredor hasta el sábado 23 a las 13 h.

Es imprescindible rellenar, firmar y entregar el documento de consentimiento paterno. Si este consentimiento no se entregará el dorsal.

Si en la inscripción ONLINE no adjuntas el documento de AUTORIZACIÓN DE LOS PADRES O TUTORES, deberás entregarlo cuando retires el dorsal.


Recogida de dorsal

– Para recoger el dorsal es necesario que te pases a visitar la Feria del Corredor.


Santa Pola Athletic Club organises on Saturday 23rd of January 2021 the “17th KIDS MINI MARATHON VILA DE SANTA POLA”. There will be several starts according to the different categories, beginning at 4 p.m., and anyone can participate, whether they are members of the federation or not, as long as they fulfil the conditions required and detailed in these regulations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This trial is organised by the SANTA POLA A.C. and by entering the race, the father/mother or legal guardian of the child expressly agrees to the treatment of his/her basic details (Name, Surname, ID/NIE/Passport, Date of Birth, Gender and Post Code of residence) by the organising club for the management of lists, results and statistics. The registration guarantees that the participant is covered by an accident insurance.
In any case, and in accordance with the Regulation on Data Protection, participants can exercise their rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition in writing or by e-mail to: C.A. SANTA POLA . Avda. Albacete s/n, 03130 SANTA POLA.


The course will measure from 200 m to 2000 m, depending on the categories. The first start will take place at 4:00 p.m. (“pre-chupetin” category), and successively all the other starts will follow.
Before each start, runners of each category will be called by the organisation’s staff to position themselves at the CALLING ZONE.

After each race, the father/mother or legal guardians will be able to pick up their child at a closed area (“nursery”) by providing the identification bracelet with the running number that identifies the runner, and that was given at the registration together with the bib (except for “pre-chupetin”, “chupetin” and “cadete” categories); the place will be watched by the organisation’s staff.


Categories and distances of the trial will be the following, for boys and girls:
Pre-chupetin 2018 and more 200 metres
Chupetin 2016 and 2017 200 metres
Pre-Benjamin 2014 and 2015 400 metres
Benjamin 2012 and 2013 800 metres
Alevin 2010 and 2011 1.000 metres
Infantil 2008 and 2009 1.500 metres
Cadete 2006 and 2007 2.000 metres


The course will be properly signposted. At the end of the trial, all the finishers will be offered liquid and solid goodies.


Ambulances and the medical team will be located: at the start/finish area (Muelle street), with an enclosed space for these services and a clear exit in case of emergencies.


Registrations are FREE and can be made:

  1. At the Glorieta square of Santa Pola, next to the Castle (on Friday 22nd January from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturday 23rd January until 2:00 p.m.), at the place arranged for registrations.
  2. Once the registration is completed, each father/mother or legal guardian will be given a bracelet (according to category) with the running number assigned to the child. This bracelet will have to be provided at the end of the race in order to fetch them at the “nursery”.
  3. All the runners entering the race are covered by an accident insurance signed by the organisation for this purpose.


In order to enter the race, it is required to PROVIDE THE PARENTAL CONSENT FORM DULY FILLED IN AND SIGNED.

No registrations will be accepted if they are not accompanied by the consent form duly filled in and signed.

The organisation reserves the right to change the registration process, notifying and communicating it in advance on the website


The bibs will be handed out at the Glorieta square of Santa Pola (next to the Castle): on Friday 22nd January from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturday 23rd January from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., at the place prepared to this end.


All post-race services will be located at the finish area, where information about the trial will be given by loudspeakers before, during and after the event. At this place will be located the ambulances, medical team, etc.


All officially registered participants will be covered by an accident insurance policy signed by the SANTA POLA C.A., that will cover the sport accidents that take place as a direct consequence of the development of the trial. Accidents resulting of a latent ailment or condition, carelessness, negligence, failure to observe the law or the described rules, etc., or those occurred while travelling to or from the place where the event is to take place will not be covered.

The Organization will also be covered by a civil liability insurance.



For all the finishers of THE RACE:


TROPHIES: (Boys and Girls)

  • To the first 3 in each category (Except for “PRE-CHUPETINES” AND “CHUPETINES” categories)


If after 30 calendar days from the end of the race the awarded athletes do not collect their trophies, they will automatically become property of Santa Pola Athletic Club.

No claim will be accepted from the prizewinners, thus understanding that they renounce said trophies.


On entering the 17th Kids Mini Marathon Vila de Santa Pola 2021, runners expressly agree that CHIPLEVANTE and SANTA POLA ATHLETIC CLUB, whether on their own behalf or acting through third parties, may use automatically their personal data for exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purposes.

In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on Personal Data Protection, the participant has the right to access these files for correcting or cancelling all or part of their content. To do so, a written request must be addressed to the registered office of SANTA POLA C.A, (APARTADO 102/ 03130 SANTA POLA).

Also and according to the sports interests, of promotion, distribution and exploitation of the Kids Mini Marathon Vila de Santa Pola on a global scale (reproduction of photographs of the trial, publication of results lists, videos, recordings, voice or any other type of file of my participation or that of my child for promotional and informative purposes, etc.) by means of any device (Internet, publicity, etc.) and without temporary limit, the registered participants expressly transfer to the organization the right to reproduce the name and surname, the place obtained in the general ranking and that of the participant, the category, the time and their image, without receiving any payment in return.


All aspects not foreseen in the present regulations will be governed according to the criteria established by the organisation before and during the trial.


All participants and legal guardians, by passing the start line, accept the present regulations. In case of doubt, the organization’s criteria will prevail.

Una imagen vale más que mil palabras. Disfruta de este video que es una pequeña muestra de lo que no te puedes perder. No esperes más e inscríbete en una de las mejores medias maratones de España.
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