The regulations are in accordance with the rules of the IAAF, the FACV and the RFEA and in any case the specific regulation of this trial will be available on internet on the website


Santa Pola Athletic Club is organizing the “30th INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON VILA DE SANTA POLA 2021” scheduled to take place on 24th January 2021, which will start at 10:30 a.m and is open to everyone, whether they are members of the federation or not, also to foreign athletes who meet the RFEA and IAAF regulations, providing they are 18 years old or over on the day of the trial and up to a maximum of 6,000 runners, closing the checkpoint at 13:15.

The organization reserves the right to close the registrations if the maximum dimensions of the race, set at 6,000 bibs, are reached to guarantee the sustainable growth of the census, a quality experience and the highest possible security for all participants. To this end, the release for sale of the last 1,000 bibs will be publicly advertised.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This trial belongs to the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the FACV’s Official Calendar. By registering, the runner expressly consents that their basic data (Name, Last name, ID/NIE/Passport, Date of birth, Sex and Post Code of residence) is sent to the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and to the FACV (Valencian Athletics Federation) for the management of day licences, results and circuit ranking. The possession of the licence guarantees that the runner participates covered by a liability and accident insurance.

In any case, and as established by the Data Protection Regulation, the applicant may exercise his/her rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition by writing or e-mailing to the Carnet Corredor programme of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. Avda. de Valladolid, 81-28008 Madrid and to the FACV (Avinguda de Pérez Galdós, 25, 46018 València)
E-mail: y


The circuit will be 21.097,50 metres long, being duly officially approved and certified by RFEA and AIMS, by a certifier with IAAF rank.
The trial is included in the NATIONAL CALENDAR with INTERNATIONAL category, thereby all the times will be OFFICIAL.


5 Boxes or Start Boxes will be set up for the expected time of the race. The arranged boxes are:

ELITE (RED)1h:00m a 1h:09m.50
GREEN1h:10m a 1h:19m.350
ORANGE1h:20m. a 1h:29m.800
BLUE1h:30m. a 1h:39m.1500
VIOLET1h:40m. en adelanteRest of runners

Each box is limited to a certain number of runners (it may vary according to organization’s discretion) and they will be formed in strict order of registration. If the selected box was already filled, your inscription would automatically be moved to the next box and so on.
When formalizing the registration you must select the expected time you plan to run (please be as realistic as possible out of respect to the rest of runners) within the interval that will appear in the different time options.
The colour of the bib will indicate the Start Box, there will be entries identified by that colour to access it.
Times must be accredited by means of a printed document for RED, GREEN and ORANGE boxes (times below 1:30 hour), which will be attached during the registration process.


  1. The change will be made providing the box capacity so permits.
  2. If you need to change box after giving proof of your time in the initial registration because you have improved your time from the moment of registration (in any case you must justify the time providing a URL), you can request it free of charge and at no additional cost. (*) Request for improvement or change of BOX FREE OF CHARGE will be available until 31st December 2020 through our website, within REGISTRATIONS….I WOULD LIKE TO…..REQUEST A BOX CHANGE.
  3. If you have a time proved for a faster BOX it is not necessary to make any changes given that you can start the race in a more delayed BOX, as you will be able to access it on the day of the trial without any problem.
  4. From the 1st of January on, any change of box, nick or linked services that involves the printing of a new bib is considered “after the deadline” and will incur a charge of €10 to cover “management costs and reprinting of bibs”. This will be paid by the person concerned by bank transfer to the account that will be sent to him/her via e-mail.
  5. From the 18th of January onwards no changes of BOX will be made (whether online or at The Runners’ Fair)
  6. The Organization reserves the right to make changes in the methodology of the change.


In accordance with RFEA regulations, the following classification will be made:

U20 18 and 19
U23 20, 21 and 22
SENIOR 23 to 34
M/W 35 from 35 to 39
M/W 40 from 40 to 44
M/W 45 from 45 to 49
M/W 50 from 50 to 54
M/W 55 from 55 to 59
M/W 60 from 60 to 64
M/W 65 from 65 to 69
M/W 70 from 70 to 74
M/W 75 from 75 to 79
M/W 80 from 80 and over

Locals Single category

The following four categories are established in men and women for athletes with disabilities.

Athletes in wheelchairs:

1) Athletes in wheelchairs that are not fitted with drive-assistance through mechanisms or gears. Only pushing with the arms on the ring attached to the wheel is allowed. Handbikes are excluded from all competition categories given that these devices are solely valid for cycling events, not for athletic ones.


2) Functional disability (people with physical disabilities, cerebral palsy and brain damage)
3) Sensory disability (visual/hearing impairment)
4) Intellectual disability

NOTE: The trial by athletes in officially-approved handbikes and by athletes in other kinds of wheelchairs will NOT be competitive nor have its own ranking within its category.

Athletes in wheelchairs, handbikes or using any other kind of similar equipment shall not exceed the Local Police car that opens the race at any time. Those failing to observe this rule will be disqualified from the race. If this rule is ignored and the Local Police car that opens the race is exceeded, it will be done under their own responsibility, being excluded from the insurance cover of the race.

All athletes with disabilities, falling within one of the 4 para-athletics categories, will be given a 50% discount on their registration fee, bearing in mind the sections and dates indicated above.

To compete in one of the four para-athletics categories (wheelchair, functional disability, sensory disability and intellectual disability), the registration must be made through FESA (Federation of Parasports of the Valencian Community), whose contact e-mail is, and whose telephone number is +34 96 346 57 26. FESA provides its criteria, knowledge and experience to ensure the correct grouping of the different categories.
All athletes who, for any reason, do not register through FESA, will not be classified in any of the four categories for athletes with disabilities and will not be eligible for a discount.

Any blind or visually impaired runner (B2) who requires it, will be entitled the assistance of a guide whose registration will be 100% free of charge and will be applied for only through FESA. There may be only one guide for each visually-impaired athlete.

The category will be assigned according to age on the day of the trial.

In case of doubt, complaints about age, federation membership or in a particular category, the Organization may request the supporting documents in each case (ID card, federation license, military accreditation, disability certificate, etc.).

Anyone born or registered in Santa Pola for at least one year will be considered a local runner.


The course will be duly signposted, kilometre by kilometre with inflatable and/or metallic arches and every 5 kilometres there will be a refreshment post, according to IAAF standards. The runners will have a locker and massage service in the bib delivery tent (Santa Pola Castle area, 200 m. from the Start/Finish area) as well as chemical toilets in the Start/Finish area.


The ambulances, together with the medical service, are located in the Start and Finish area (Muelle street) and at km 5 and 15, at km10 and km 17 approximately, having a restricted area for them and a clear exit for emergency.

All registered runners must fill in the back of their bibs with their name, surname, telephone number for use in emergencies, whether they have medical problems (allergies, special conditions, etc) or are receiving a specific medical treatment, and their blood group.


Registrations will be available from Monday 1st June 2020 to Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 23:59 hours through the website providing there are still free bibs available. The organization reserves the right to close the registrations when considered necessary for security reasons and for better service to the runner.

During the registration process the runner may include his/her NICK (*) or nickname (maximum eight characters) which will appear on his/her bib, if this section is not filled in or is left blank deliberately, the organization will put the first name in its place.

(*) The organization reserves the right to veto or cancel the NICK chosen by the runner (placing the first name in its place) if it is offensive, rude, vulgar, or in bad taste and violates the dignity of people and/or institutions. We appeal to the common sense and good taste of the runners.

The website managed by SANTA POLA ATHLETIC CLUB is the only official online distributor authorized to register for the trial, therefore we strongly urge you not to attempt to register for the trial and/or purchase running bibs on websites other than the official one.
The organization is not responsible for the reliability, veracity and/or suitability of the registrations made through third parties, nor does it assume any obligation regarding the availability of place, stock and/or price.

No rights are granted in connection with the guarantee, withdrawal, changes and/or any other rights recognised to those registered if the products are not the official ones or have not been obtained through SANTA POLA ATHLETIC CLUB and/or the website .


1º-. From bib 1 to bib 2.000, registration fee 17 € (*)
2º.- From bib 2001 to bib 4000, registration fee  20 € (*)
3º-. From bib 4001 to bib 6000, registration fee  23 € (*)
4º-. From bib 6001 to bib 7000, registration fee  25 € (*)
5º-. Waiting list (providing bibs are still available) registration fee 30 € (*)

6º-. Team registration: Information for applying at

7º-. CHARITY action RUNNERS (during registration process):
The runner who registers may donate the amount he/she considers appropriate (from 1 euro…) as a charitable contribution to the NGO, ASSOCIATION, CHARITY PROJECT or MEDICAL RESEARCH PROJECT that the ORGANIZER designates as the beneficiary of the funds raised.
The SANTA POLA A.C, as organiser of the event, will contribute 0.7% of the total collection for REGISTRATIONS that will be added to the funds raised through charity donations of the runners and charity action bib zero.

8-. CHARITY action BIB ZERO (No prior registration required):
Any person, runner or not, organization and/or company may donate the amount they consider appropriate (from 1 euro…) as a charity contribution to the NGO, ASSOCIATION, CHARITY PROJECT or MEDICAL RESEARCH PROJECT that the ORGANIZER designates as the beneficiary of the funds raised.

These prices do NOT INCLUDE the day licence (3€) that is compulsory for runners who do NOT have a NATIONAL (RFEA) LICENCE, a LICENCE delivered by THE VALENCIAN ATHLETICS FEDERATION (FACV) OR THE “CORREDOR PLUS” CARD (for those who have it, the 3 euros will be deducted during the registration process).
The day licence includes accident and civil liability insurance.

Those runners with valid national federation licence in ATHLETICS or Valencian autonomic licence in athletics will have 3 euros deducted from the registration fee.

The federation licences for MOUNTAIN, CYCLING,…are not valid.

Registration fees include the corresponding VAT.
Registration fees do not include bank management fees (virtual tpv) per registration.

No registration will be accepted on the day of the trial under any circumstances.
In any event, registrations will be closed when the maximum quota of registered runners has been reached. This is to ensure a sustainable growth of the census, a quality experience for the runners, as well as the highest possible safety conditions.
In order to keep would-be runners up to date, the Organization will inform when the last 500 bibs of each section will be put up for sale.
Registrations will be accepted at the Runners’ Fair (January 22nd and 23rd) as long as bibs are available, at a price of 32 euros (plus 3 euros for the day licence)
The only details that the Organization will take into account in the classifications in whatever category will be those provided by each runner on his/her entry form.
Registrations made before September 30th are guaranteed their chosen T-shirt size. From September 30th onwards, the choice of T-shirt size will be made when collecting it at the Runner’s Fair and according to the stock available.
The organization reserves the right to modify the registration process, notifying and informing it in advance on the website


A refund of the registration fee can be requested in the event of injury. Medical certification is required in such cases. The request can be made on our registration site under the section REGISTRATIONS… I WISH TO… ASK FOR CANCELLATION

  • The registration will be refunded in full in the event of injury or illness providing the runner submits a medical certificate with the corresponding diagnosis.
  • The deadline for making an application for the refund and submitting the documentation is the 31st December 2020, after which no refund will be possible.
  • The refund will be made through the same payment method used by the runner when registering and once the medical documentation presented has been verified.
  • The transfer costs and/or expenses generated will be deducted from the registration fee paid by the injured and/or sick runner (without taking into account the virtual tpv expenses).
  • Any other product purchased and paid by the sick and/or injured runner from the registration website must be dealt with by the offering company if a return and refund is desired, the organization not being responsible for this purpose, and thus the runner releasing the organiser from any responsibility.

In addition, the runner can contract in his registration process a fully Comprehensive Cancellation Insurance for a price of 3 euros, which guarantees an 80% refund of the registration fee and any contracted extras until 31st December 2020. The refund of this insurance does not require any reason or medical certificate.
(*) The refund will be 100% of the registration fee minus 3 euros for management fees. Reports or certificates signed by PHYSIOTHERAPISTS will not be valid, only those signed by the medical specialist.

Bibs can only be collected at the RUNNER’S FAIR: From 17:00 to 20:30 on Friday 22nd of January and from 10:00 to 20:00 on Saturday 23th of January.

If you cannot collect it in person, you can authorize someone to pick it up for you with the necessary identification through online application on the website “AUTHORIZE PICK-UP FOR MY BIB”. Bibs will not be handed over to those who do not comply with these requirements.

To facilitate the pick-up of bibs not collected at The Runners’ Fair, the Organization will give the option of picking up these bibs next to the lockers area (RUNNERS’ FAIR) on the same Sunday 24th when the trial is held from 8:00 to 9:30 A.M. After this time, no bibs will be handed over. For the collection of the bibs the National Identity Document or copy/ digital photo must be shown (essential).


The Trial Judges and the Organization reserve the right to DISQUALIFY the infringer who, verified any irregularity by a runner

  • Does not run the whole race.
  • Does not wear a clearly visible bib on their chest during the race, manipulate it and/or give it to another person.
  • Alters the advertising on the bib.
  • Runs with a bib assigned to another runner. (1)
  • Enters the Finish area without bib, with a duplicated, photocopied or fake bib. (1)
  • Does not pass all established “CHIP TIME” checkpoints.
  • Changes the details given to the Organization and/or Arbitrator, concerning the runner’s National Identity Document and/or Federation Status.
  • Does not provide the required documents to the Organization.
  • Fails to meet any other FACV, RFEA or IAAF norms and regulations.
  • Does not follow the Organization’s instructions.

Runners with a federation membership are required to compete with the clothing of their clubs otherwise they may be sanctioned.

Disqualified runners shall not be eligible for prizes.

Runners who are not registered or run without a bib or with an unofficial bib for this edition of the trial will not be admitted by the Organization, preventing them from having access to the race in defence of the rights of those runners legally registered.

(1). Given the serious prejudice that this would cause to the Organization and to the other runners in the event of access to the trial infringing the conditions of access established or if any irregularity was committed, the Organization reserves the right to take appropriate measures, in accordance with applicable law. Accordingly, appropriate civil, penal, or administrative actions will be taken to hold the infringer accountable.

Among the irregularities that will lead to the initiation of such actions are:

  • Not being registered for the trial and thus not having a bib/chip to participate in the trial.
  • Running with someone else’s bib/chip (without having officially changed the name or hiding it)
  • Running with a bib/chip other than that officially approved for the trial.
  • Running with a fake bib/chip (photocopied document or that imitates the bib)

The examples listed above are not exhaustive, and there may be other irregularities that may lead to the initiation of legal actions by the Organization.

Both infractors and those collaborating with those irregularities shall be identified as “delinquent runners”.

Those identified as “delinquent runners” by the Organization on the day of the race, will be separated, identified and expelled by the trial security staff in the exercise of their powers, obtaining identification data, photographs, etc., which will be used in order to take the corresponding legal actions.

Should the infraction become known after the trial, appropriate measures shall be taken by the Organization when they become aware of the facts.

“Delinquent runners” will receive notifications and/or order for appearance of the proceedings in which their possible responsibilities will be judged, so that they can be part of the proceedings.


There is the option of changing the name or owner of the bib/chip through our registration platform in the section REGISTRATIONS…..I WISH TO……TRANSFER MY BIB

  • The deadline for the change is 17st JANUARY 2021.
  • The bib holder is responsible for the change, filling in the requested data (new holder).
  • Cost: Until 31th December the transfer option will be FREE, after this date and until the deadline of 17st January: 10 euros will be paid for management fees and reprinting of bibs.

The Organization reserves the right to make changes in the methodology of the change.
For legal and sport reasons, but especially those concerning security, the bib may not be transferred to another runner without following the process planned for this purpose and without obtaining the agreement of the Organization (see article 10 note (1)). Should the Organization become aware of this circumstance before the trial is held, the bib that has been sold or transferred without authorization will be disqualified, and the participant will not be able to take part in the trial. In addition and given the risk to those who wear a bib without knowledge of the Organization and the distortion that occurs in the classifications, the details of the person who transfers or sells the bib will be noted, preventing their registration in the following 4 years, and communicating these irregularities to other marathons, half-marathons and 10-kilometre races organizations. In the case of athletes who are member of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) and the Valencian Athletics Federation (FACV), these associations will also be informed of said infractions so that appropriate measures can be taken.

The Organization reserves the right to prevent the future registration and to inform other races of those athletes who are disqualified for not having fully completed the 21,097 km of the course.


The race will be controlled by the Judges Committee of the F.A.C.V.
The official ranking of the runners is the sole competence of the Judges and Timekeepers Committee of the Autonomous Athletics Federation.
Complaints will be orally made to the Arbitrating Judge no later than 30 minutes after the results have been officially communicated. If they are rejected, a complaint may be submitted in writing and accompanied by a deposit of 100 euros to the Appeal Jury. In the event that the resolution is favourable, the deposit of 100 euros will be returned. If there is no Appeal Jury, the decision of the Arbitrating Judge is binding.


The timing will be done by the BIB TAG system of the company MYLAPS/CHIPLEVANTE, with checkpoints at the Start, at the Finish line and also every 5 km. All runners must pass through the checkpoint mats.

The timing chip will be placed on the back of the bibs, protected with a spongy strip. It should not be folded, wet or torn. The chip is for single use only, when the trial finishes it becomes useless. The bib must be worn on the front over the chest to keep it visible.

It will not be placed on the side (triathlon belt) as it may not be detected correctly.

Neither the ORGANIZATION nor the sponsors or partners will assume any responsibility in any case of malfunction of the chip.


According to IAAF standards, the mandatory ANTI-DOPING CONTROL will be carried out. No cash prizes will be awarded until the results of this control are known.

All runners who have been selected for this test and who refuse to take it shall be automatically disqualified from all categories and shall not be eligible for any of the prizes.


The only vehicles authorised to follow the trial are those designated by the Organization. It is strictly forbidden to follow runners on motorbikes or bicycles, having the Local Police an express order to remove them from the circuit, in order to avoid accidents that may occur to the runners.


The secretary’s office of the trial will be installed in the finish area, where information about the trial (before, during and after the race) will be provided through loudspeakers. In this place will be located the medical team, ambulances, press area, etc.


It is not allowed (in accordance with Art. 144 of the RIA) to run accompanied by someone not participating in the trial, whether they are on foot or in any type of vehicle. Athletes are not allowed either to carry children in their arms or in prams, nor are they allowed to run with animals, trolleys, etc.
This prohibition extends to the entire race, especially at the finish line, and failure to comply with it may result in possible disqualification by the Arbitrating Judge.


All officially registered participants will be covered by a civil liability insurance policy for damages to third parties signed by the RFEA, as well as an accident insurance that will cover the sport accidents that take place as a direct consequence of the development of the trial. Accidents resulting of a latent ailment or condition, carelessness, negligence, failure to observe the law or the described rules, etc., or those occurred while travelling to or from the place where the event is to take place will not be covered.
The Organization will also be covered by a civil liability insurance.



In the event that more than one runner beats the record of the race only the first classified male or female will be entitled to receive the prize money.

MALE…….5000 €……….TIME TO BEAT……. 59 m 09 s (Alexander Mutiso)
FEMALE……5000 €…..TIME TO BEAT……1 h 09 m 23 s (Rose Chelimo)

PRIZE MONEY (Men and Women):

GENERAL ranking (Absolute)
1º / 1º 1.200 €
2º / 2º 800 €
3º / 3º 600 €
4º / 4º 400 €
5º / 5º 200 €

TEAMS (Men and Women):
1º 600 €
2º 300 €
3º 200 €

Runners with a federation membership are required to compete with the clothing of their clubs otherwise they may be sanctioned.

National Runners (Runners with Spanish ID card)
1º / 1º 300 €
2º / 2º 200 €
3º / 3º 100 €

Local Runners
(Born in Santa Pola or registered in the town for at least 1 year- they must provide proof of their inclusion in the census-)
1º / 1º 150 €
2º / 2º 90 €
3º / 3º 30 €

To the first 3 classified in each category (except the General Absolute)
1º/1º 30 €
2º / 2º 20 €
3º / 3º 10 €

All prize money will be subject to the deductions stipulated by law, the amount of which will be paid by bank transfer or cheque (details must be sent according to the sheet in the envelope given to the winners), once the times have been officially released and the result of the anti-doping controls have been received from the RFEA.

To pay the prize money to FOREIGN ATHLETES, the corresponding NIE must be provided (the NIE or foreigner’s identification number is a code for tax identification of foreigners in Spain), otherwise the payment cannot be made.

The expenses derived from transfers to foreign accounts will be paid by the winner and will be deducted from the prize money that might be awarded.

To be eligible for prize money, runners must have a finishing time under 1:06:00 for Men and under 1:15:00 for Women. Runners who set a time between 1:06:00 and 1:10:00 for Men and between 1:15:00 and 1:25:00 for Women will receive 50% of the prize. Runners with a time over 1:10:00 for Men and over 1:25:00 for Women shall not receive any cash prize. (applicable to prizes for the general ranking and national runners).
Prizes for the General Ranking and that for Spanish athletes are cumulative.
The organization will require to any athlete the full restitution of the cash prizes if the IAAF cancels their sports results due to a doping sanction resulting from the testing following the event or even later due to an anomaly in the Athlete’s Biological Passport, regardless of whether the athlete tested negative in the race’s specific anti-doping tests. Any Athlete, or IAAF Manager, who accepts a prize money at the International Half Marathon Vila de Santa Pola 2020 automatically agrees to this condition, which aims to ensure equal opportunities, cleanliness and health in athletics.


Discount of 2 € on the registration fee in the 2021 edition to all those who in the 2020 edition equalled or improved their 2017 time.

TROPHIES: (Men and Women)
  • To the first 5 in the General Ranking
  • To the first 3 in each category
  • Special technical running T-shirt
  • Towel (finishers)
  • Commemorative medal of the trial (only finishers)
  • BRAS DEL PORT salt packet
  • Isotonic drink POWERADE
  • Commemorative book 30th edition
  • Official diploma with times and PHOTO AT FINISH LINE (Internet download)
  • Personalized video crossing the Finish line (Internet)


  • The engraving of the commemorative medal of the trial (exclusive design, colour medal, maximum quality ribbon 2,5 cm) will be OFFERED during the registration process at a price of 5 euros, only if applied for through the website.
  • The cost for engraving at the Runners’ Fair and on race day will be 10 euros


To be part of a team, athletes must have a federation membership card from the same club.
When registering, you must indicate the licence number, which must be shown on the day of the trial in case of any claim or request by the organization. To be eligible for team prizes, the presentation of the federation licences or federation certificate will be mandatory.
The teams may be formed by as many components as the club considers, with a minimum of four (4) runners.
Only one team per Club will be admitted for both men and women.
The score will be obtained by adding the arrival times of the first four members of each Club without distinction of categories, ordering from shorter to greater time, the winner being the one that spent less time.
The list of runners chosen to compete for team prizes must be sent to the organization. If such lists are not received, team competition will not be taken into account. ( )
There will be two team rankings, men and women.

Runners who are members of a federation are required to compete with the clothing of their clubs otherwise they may be sanctioned.


If after 30 calendar days from the end of the race the awarded athletes, whether prize money or trophies, do not collect them, they will automatically become property of Santa Pola Athletic Club.
No claim will be accepted from the prizewinners, thus understanding that they renounce said prizes.


Once the registration is completed, the registration fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, except in the following cases:

  • Because the trial does not take place (*)
  • If you did not take part in the trial because the number of participants was covered (*)
  • For undue incoming payments as a result of payment errors (*)
  • If a certificate of injury is provided (*)
  • If you are covered by a cancellation insurance (*)
  • Due to change or changes in the date of the trial due to circumstances beyond control (storms or hurricanes, earthquakes, torrential rains, pandemics, elections, governmental, regional or local commands, et). (*)

(*) Costs derived from refunds or bank transfers shall be paid by the registered runner.
Refunds for injury or cancellation insurance shall comply with the requirements under Article 8 of these Regulations.

The refund will be only and exclusively applied to the registration fee as long as the new proposed date exceeds ONE MONTH after the initial day of the race. Any other costs that the runner would have would be under his/her responsibility (hotels, reservations, cancellation costs, flights, trains, taxi, journeys, trips, fuel, meals, etc.)


During the registration process on the website, the runner will find a box TO BE SELECTED entitled DISCLAIMER AND DATA PROTECTION, thus ACCEPTING the clauses stated in that document along with the rules of the trial; the runner will also have a safeguard clause of his/her rights regarding the dissemination of his/her data and images in rankings, etc. (registration form and article 23 of these regulations).
By registering, all participants declare that they understand and accept these Regulations as well as the Disclaimer and Data Protection Policy. In case of doubt, the interpretation of the Organisation will prevail.


On entering the International Half Marathon Vila de Santa Pola, runners expressly agree that SANTA POLA ATHLETIC CLUB, whether on their own behalf or acting through third parties, may use their personal data for exclusively sporting, promotional or commercial purposes.
Likewise and in compliance with the Organic Law 3/2018 on personal data protection and guarantee of digital rights and the European Regulation RGPD 679/2016, the participant has the right to access these files for correcting or cancelling all or part of their content. To do so, a written request must be addressed to the registered office of SANTA POLA C.A, (APARTADO 102/ 03130 SANTA POLA).
Also and according to the sporting interests, of promotion, distribution and exploitation of the Half Marathon Vila de Santa Pola on a global scale (reproduction of photographs of the trial, publication of results lists, etc.) by means of any device (Internet, publicity, etc.) and without temporary limit, the registered participants expressly transfer to the organization the right to reproduce the name and surname, the place obtained in the general ranking and that of the participant, the category, the time and their image.
In any case, in the registration form there will be an optional clause, by which participants may or may not AUTHORIZE the Organization to use photos, videos and any other type of audiovisual material in which they may appear, accepting the publication of their names in the ranking of the trial, in the media and/or Internet, without expecting any payment, compensation or remuneration in return. YOU WILL NOT APPEAR in the trial ranking if this Box is not TICKED.

Any purchase promotion of products offered in the registration process begins with the opening of the registration process and ends with the closing of the registrations. The product purchased by the participant must be picked up at the bib delivery or at the club headquarters (or it can be sent carriage forward with his/her consent or request). If after 3 months from the purchase, the person concerned (participating buyer) does not claim it, he/she will automatically lose his/her right to purchase and the product will become property of SANTA POLA C.A., without any right to claim or economic compensation of any kind.


Any claim, consultation, doubt or question about any product or service offered on the web via registrations or another section by companies, shops, people outside the SANTA POLA C.A., should be addressed directly to these companies. The SANTA POLA C.A. is not responsible for transactions between the person registered and companies.
The SANTA POLA C.A. only provides the website and the payment gateway, giving the person registered the opportunity to purchase or not the services offered.
The registered person releases the SANTA POLA C.A. from any kind of responsibility on the purchased product (state of the product upon receipt, packing conditions, returns, transport, etc.)


The organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret the articles and may establish, modify or delete new rules.
All aspects not foreseen in these regulations will be governed by the FACV, RFEA and IAAF Competition Rules in force, as well as everything regulated by higher authorities.


The organization reserves the right to refuse admission of those people who are in a period of penalty or awaiting a decision from a sports body.
The organization reserves the right to make any changes to these regulations if it considers it necessary, and must communicate this on the trial Website or by available electronic means (app, e-mail, text, etc.)
All participants, by passing the start line, accept these rules. In case of doubt, the organization’s criteria will prevail.

Una imagen vale más que mil palabras. Disfruta de este video que es una pequeña muestra de lo que no te puedes perder. No esperes más e inscríbete en una de las mejores medias maratones de España.


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